Connecticut's Vaping Resources Committee

In March of 2019, the Prevention and Health Promotion Unit of the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) convened the Connecticut Vaping Resources Committee. The Vaping Resources Committee’s goal is to gather, consolidate, and where necessary, create fact-based effective resources for consistent use across the state to address the vaping crisis in Connecticut. The Prevention Training and Technical Assistance Service Center (PTTASC) was charged with facilitating the Committee. The committee membership includes professionals from DMHAS, the Department of Public Health, Directors of Regional Behavioral Health Action Organizations, The Center for Prevention Evaluation and Statistics and Wheeler Clinic's Connecticut Clearinghouse and PTTASC.

Information regarding vaping, and the public health crisis associated with vaping, is evolving rapidly. The Committee will continue to add to and update the resources listed below, as new information becomes available.  These resources are downloadable and available for public use. When using these resources, please cite the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Vaping Resources Committee. 

For more information on vaping, or use of these materials, please contact Lisa Mason at

Connecticut Vaping Resources:

DMHAS and the Vaping Resources Committee accepts no responsibility for the way in which these resources are used.