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Fundamentals of Meeting Management for Prevention Coalitions and Local Prevention Councils

Participants will review foundational concepts and terms that create the context for a coalition-based prevention meeting, and sharpen their skills for planning a meeting, conducting a meeting, and completing post-meeting activities. Participants will identify top areas for meeting improvement and use small groups to share lived experiences with colleagues.

10/19/2021 10:00 am




Certified Prevention Specialist Exam Prep Session

The Certified Prevention Specialist Exam Prep Session is designed for prevention professionals who have either completed or are finishing their Certified Prevention Specialist application from the CT Certification Board and anticipate taking the on-line exam, This workshop provides an overview of the exam registration/scheduling process as well as exam content across the six work competency domains.

10/27/2021 10:00 am




Certified Prevention Specialist Application Overview

The Certified Prevention Specialist Application Overview describes the work experience and training requirements needed for certification, the CT Certification Board's application process, and a brief discussion of the certification exam. The certification covers six prevention work competency domains: Planning and Evaluation, Prevention Education and Service Delivery, Communication, Community Organization, Public Policy and Environmental Change, and Professional Growth and Development. TTASC facilitates a separate study session to prepare for the exam.

09/29/2021 10:00 am

Interactive Fact Sheet

Did You Know

In 2019, 3 out of 10 US high school students reported drinking alcohol in the past month!

Additional Youth Risk Behavior Survey Reports: https://bit.ly/3leZSho

Did You Know

Adolescent marijuana use can have permanent effects on the developing brain like difficulty problem solving and/or maintaining attention.

Additional Information: https://bit.ly/3j3lp9Z

Did You Know

Mental disorders in adolescence can increase the risk of later drug use and development of a substance use disorder.

Additional Information: https://bit.ly/3i9aqwx

Did You Know

1 in 5 US adults have a diagnosable mental disorder.

Review this link for additional information & guidance on mental illness: https://bit.ly/377vQ6W

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