Youth Peer Advocate Job Description


Youth Peer Advocate

Reports To

Coalition Coordinator


Bi-Weekly with Coalition Coordinator

Job Type

5-20 hours per week, flexible hours, work may occur on evenings and weekends


Options:  volunteer position (no pay), volunteer position with stipend, paid position at $__/hour

Career Pathway

Opportunity to explore substance abuse prevention, mental health promotion and community organization as a career and experience entry level prevention professional position

Essential Duties

  • Work with the Coalition Coordinator to plan and implement coalition events and activities
  • Attend monthly coalition meetings to share youth perspective on substance abuse and mental health promotion
  • Collaborate with the Coalition Coordinator to identify new ways to reach, engage and increase youth participation in coalition activities (e.g. health fairs, awareness events, community trainings, social media and marketing campaigns, surveys and data collection)
  • Represent the Coalition and participate in Coalition events and activities
  • Develop collaborative partnerships with school and community youth groups
  • Assist the Coordinator in establishing or expanding the Coalition’s youth committee
  • Attend the Governor’s Prevention Partnership Youth Advisory Board meetings
  • Act as a positive role model for peers


  • High school or college student or resident of (community) under the age of (25)
  • Strong interest in and willingness to learn about substance abuse prevention, including the Strategic Prevention Framework, mental health promotion and community organization
  • Ability to talk with peers about substance abuse and mental health issues
  • Display interpersonal skills and ability to work with diverse populations including youth, educators, law enforcement, community leaders
  • Public speaking skills or interest in developing these


  • Gain knowledge and experience in the field of substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion
  • Develop communication and leadership skills
  • Learn about different community organizations and community organizing strategies
  • Promote community health and positive youth development
  • Meet and work with other peers and adults in the prevention field
  • Engage in opportunities to meet a network of prevention professionals and volunteers
  • Earn community service hours and resume experience
  • Receive incentives (?)


  • Submit cover letter and resume
  • Complete interview with Coalition Coordinator and/or write essay.