About the Training and Technical Assistance Service Center (TTASC)

In 2015, DMHAS began funding the Prevention Training and Technical Assistance Service Center (TTASC) with the singular goal to create a robust, well-informed and educated prevention workforce in Connecticut.

The Prevention TTASC will accomplish this goal by:

1.    Increasing accessibility to training and technical assistance

2.    Improving the quality of training and technical assistance

3.    Increasing prevention competencies across critical segments of the prevention workforce


Supported by three core partners: Cross Sector Consulting, Career TEAM, LLC, and the Connecticut Association of Prevention Professionals (CAPP), the Prevention  TTASC will lead a collective impact strategy to engage prevention partners in advancing the field of prevention and health promotion.  Collective impact strategies organize diverse partners in a structured way around a common agenda to achieve social change – in this case prevention workforce development.


The Prevention TTASC establishes a state of the art prevention workforce development system. This capitalizes on our state’s current strengths and resources such as Resource Links, Local Prevention Councils, Single State Agency Leadership and the spirit of collaboration that has functioned within Connecticut’s prevention infrastructure for years. Our Workforce Development Plan serves as the guiding document for all Prevention TTASC activities.