Engaging Coalition Members in Logic Model Development

Knowledge Check

We've just gone over a lot of key terms; let’s check your comprehension by playing a quick game of 'Concentration.' In this activity, I need one volunteer to use the mouse to drag and drop the words to match the correct definitions on behalf of the group. We'll all provide our input to figure out which go where.

Qualitative Data
Quantitative Data
Logic Model
Problem Statement
Root Cause
Local Condition
A statement of the issue the community or organization wants to address and supported by local data
Connects goals and strategies to activities so we understand how what we're doing will accomplish our goals
The answer to "why is this a problem" or "what is causing this problem"; supported by local data
The specific reasons why the problem is an issue in your community; a deeper look at the problem using local data
Descriptive, non-numerical data; describe characteristics of the problem
Data expressed in numerical terms; answers question "how many?"