SPF for Coalition Members

Knowledge Check
Now we are going to work as a group to review our understanding of cultural competence and sustainability. I need one volunteer to use the mouse to drag and drop the activities into the right boxes on behalf of the group. We'll all provide our input to figure out which go where.

A coalition in a community with a high percentage of Spanish speakers releases its recent student survey report in English and Spanish
A community member who is a professional grant writer helps the coalition apply for funds for its new opiate prevention program
A coalition hosts its meetings on a rotating schedule of morning and evening to accommodate working parents
A coalition meets with the mayor and town council to share findings from their recent coalition evaluation and community needs assessment
A coalition recruits the local Parks and Recreation Department to take the lead on a new initiative to put lights in a park known as an after-dark hangout for pot smokers
A coalition includes questions on its community needs assessment regarding race, gender, age group, and ethnicity to better understand the diverse make-up of the population it serves
A coalition partners with the local chapter of the American Lung Association on a smoke-free parks initiative
A coalition hires an ASL interpreter for its Annual Meeting to meet the needs of a hearing-impaired community member
Cultural Competence