It’s Not Rocket Science: Follow-up to the Best Darned Gambling Awareness Training You’ve Ever Taken

05/21/2019 09:00 am

It’s Not Rocket Science: Gambling Awareness 2.0 is a follow-up training to the Best Darn Gambling Training Ever. Current proposals to expand legalized gambling in Connecticut will have major impact on communities, families, and individuals across the lifespan. This training will deliver practical tools you need to continue infusing gambling awareness and education into your existing prevention programs and activities for all populations your serve.

Engaging Community Sectors: Working Together: Boomers, Gen X, Millennials & Generation Z

06/06/2019 09:00 am

Coalition volunteers and target audiences span generations, from Baby Boomers to the preteen members of Gen Z. The shared experiences of each generation shape how members react, behave, and believe. There are often differences but similarities too. This training will give participants an in depth look at the uniqueness of and commonalities between generations while providing techniques for keeping them engaged and invested in coalition efforts.