Successes and Challenges in Adapting Social Marketing Campaigns during Social Distancing

05/28/2020 09:30 am

This virtual session will utilize the Field Forum approach and feature peer examples of successes and challenges of social marketing campaigns during social distancing

Advanced Prevention Ethics

05/28/2020 02:00 pm

Certified prevention specialists will identify both everyday and major ethical obstacles at work or life, apply the six Prevention Ethics Principles to these ethical challenges, and share and solicit feedback on your ethical challenges. This training meets the ethics training requirement for prevention specialist re-certification.

Prevention Ethics

06/09/2020 10:00 am

This virtual training series engages learners in reviewing and reflecting on the Prevention Code of Ethics established by the IC&RC. Participants will become familiar with the 6 Principles of the Code through case studies and personal examples. This training provides 6 CEU's to meet the requirement for the Prevention Specialist credential.

Overview of the Prevention Specialist certification process

06/16/2020 09:30 am

This course will cover all aspects of the Prevention Specialist certification process. Participants will review CPS requirements in Connecticut, the CPS application and the exam taking process. Participants will be able to ask and have their questions answered.